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  • The Universe Nods

    Destiny, Vision, Growth, and Being

    January 23, 2018
    Everything we do takes energy in one form or another. The use of this energy can mark the difference between long-lasting success and satisfaction, and an unfulfilling life laced with regrets. Time, money, and physical actions are the currency we live by. Minutes, dollars, and physical actions...
    January 29, 2018
    Balance is a paradox. It can be energy draining at best, destructive at worst for anyone to strive toward this ideal. A "balanced" life doesn’t exist--though we might convince ourselves at times that it does. In truth, it can be a conversation holding us back more than we realize. Balance...
    There came a day when I awoke to the pain of being a perfectionist. Of course, my initial response was to immediately fix it. Duh, that’s what I do! Instead, I took time to sit with the pain, to let the pain be curious and explore me as it never had before. When I calmed myself enough, I saw...
    We’ve all had that time in our life. You know the one, where you’ve all but given up on what you really want, and kick yourself daily for letting things get SO bad. Like most people, you’ve had anywhere from one to a thousand+ of these times. You may be in one this very moment. The...
    Chances are, you've struggled with an internal debate about whether or not you are enough, be it in relationships, your work, your family, or simply, life at large. See if any of the following sounds familiar: "What I'm doing isn't enough..." "I'm trying SO hard, and it's getting me nowhere...
    Once in a while, the Universe gives you a nudge. Other times, it gives you a simple nod of approval. We’ve all been "nudged" before. A perceived failure leading to an important lesson that needed to be learned. An unexpected success or gratitude deeply appreciated. A challenge from which there...
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  • Here's What My Clients Have To Say:

    Meet Breanne

    Creative Administrator, Writer, Poet, Graphic Artist


    "The framework in which I approach most everything in my life, across all venues, has shifted since working with Michael. I sorta feel like if everyone I cared for was getting the kind of support that I've received through coaching with Michael that we'd all be a few steps closer to realizing a brighter and more conscientious world."


    "If the answers were inside of me the entire time, working with Michael has helped me to identify and understand those answers."


    "I'm grateful to have found my power, to have recognized my true desires, and to feel that I've got lots of forward momentum and am really on the right path for me right now. I've no doubt of the role that my coaching with Michael has played in that."

    Meet Anthony

    Sustainable Business Specialist, Executive Producer, and Entrepreneur.

    "I have seen amazing growth in a number of areas of my life thanks to the supportive coaching I have received from Michael."


    "Having someone to hold me accountable towards putting the energy into my growth goes a long way."


    "The encouragement and guidance Michael provides has been integral in my journey towards making the life of my dreams into a reality."

    Meet Jorah

    Writer, Performer, and Youth Worker

    "My coaching work with Hero's Heart Coaching is helping me to clarify my creative goals and expose my attachments to limitation."


    "Michael is kind and refreshingly straightforward. I appreciate the strategic accountability that is built into coaching, and I feel supported in creating and achieving actionable steps."


    "Most importantly to me, Michael is a coach who can laugh with me as I navigate the inner twists and roadblocks on the road to becoming the next best version of myself. There is a lot of productive laughter during our sessions."

    Meet Brent

    Youth Leader, Artist and Senior Minister

    "As I reach for my goals and dreams as a youth leader, Michael asks the right questions to bring me to solid decisions and action steps."


    "I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Michael. I look forward to what further direction he can bring to my goals as I take them on one at a time."

    Meet Dylan

    Student, Writer, and Thespian

    "The unbelievable thing about working with Michael is that it presents a real opportunity to improve intrinsic qualities about yourself."


    "Michael is someone with a rare gift for breaking down how we make decisions and view ourselves in life, and likewise is a rare gift to passionate people who desire to see tangible improvement in themselves."


    "This helped me have confidence in a speech of which I was previously certain that I couldn't memorize in two days, and I then went on to win three awards with the speech in my regional speech and debate tournament. Small but precise adjustments in my approach helped me to achieve something I would have never thought possible in just a week!"


    Challenges You Face:

    • You're feeling burned out, overwhelmed and/or frustrated instead of motivated.
    • You're "going through the motions," and "doing the bare minimum."
    • You've either given up on the things you're passionate about or giving up on the people you want to make a difference for.
    • Your relationship with your work, loved ones, or self isn't bringing the joy you want.
    • You're disconnected from your work and purpose.
    • You're done trying not to, "rock the boat," and you're ready to go for what really matters to you even if it's uncomfortable.




    • A clear and meaningful vision for the life you'd love to live.
    • Joy and gratitude as you take steps toward your goals and dreams.
    • A step-by-step process to take you where you want to go with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.
    • A way to identify and avoid familiar stopping points and self-limiting conversations.
    • A way to consistently demonstrate your contribution with passion and purpose.
    • The tools and skills necessary to engage with any goal to produce the results you'd love.
    • A way to engage with the greatest version of yourself regardless of circumstances.
    • The possibility of making the impact you're here to make!

  • About Coach Michael

    Coach Michael

    Greetings, Coach Seeker!


    I help people go for what they're passionate about so they can make the impact they're here to make. I work with clients across America to cultivate the inherent creativity, passion, and dedication every individual has for what's meaningful to them. I focus on Agents of Impact: Leaders in Tech, Leaders in Education, and Leaders in the Community. The reason for this is simple: they shape the minds and hearts of the future.


    Besides being a published author and a table tennis enthusiast, I hold an MA in school counseling, a teaching certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming, and am trained as a coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence. I've been coach to hundreds and a counselor to many more. Essentially, I'm qualified to help you through some shit :-).Through this journey of service, I've come to see, with staggering clarity, a singular truth: everyone wants their goals and dreams to make a difference!


    I support anyone I work with to do just that. Join me, and help change the world with your unique vision.

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