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    "Success is being dedicated to improving yourself and your life each day, while ALSO being dedicated to accepting who you are and where you're at every step of the way."

  • An "All the things," type of person...

    Coach (PCC), Entrepreneur, Fantasy Author, Actor, Father.

    Coach Michael

    Ten years ago, Michael was 50lbs overweight, massively in debt, in a marriage neither partner wanted, and totally disconnected from who he was as a person. Fast-forward ten years… Michael is 60lbs lighter, a published author, an actor, and a proud father. Since discovering that supporting people is what he was born to do, he's gone on to coach hundreds and counsel thousands at all levels from kindergartner to Fortune 300 CEO across six continents. With clear strategies, compassionate accountability, and a space of acceptance, Michael supports others to create success at every step of their journey. He focuses on developing leaders and change agents, not just for a better and brighter future, but a better and brighter NOW.

  • What Clients Have To Say...


    Business Owner & Youth Mentor

    Deciding to transition from a 20-year long rewarding career as an elementary teacher was not an easy decision. My stomach and receding hairline were telling me that something had to change.


    Michael was the perfect person to help me transition into a new profession and, more importantly, a new way of relating to work.


    Michael has been an invaluable coach and resource for me. He is a keen strategist, thought provoker, and advocate. He masterfully knows when to use these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that was hard to pinpoint on my own.


    CEO of Everyone's Music School & the Speak for Change Podcast.

    My perception of my life has shifted dramatically. I've been given tools and greater awareness to move forward in accomplishing my goals.

    Before working with Michael, I had trouble identifying the deeper causes of what stopped me from pursuing my dreams. He really worked with me to clear out any mental blocks I had in the way so I could move forward quicker and with greater ease!


    Writer, Performer, and Youth Worker

    My coaching work with Michael is helping me to clarify my creative goals and expose my attachments to limitations.


    Michael is kind and refreshingly straightforward. I appreciate the strategic accountability that is built into coaching, and I feel supported in creating and achieving actionable steps.


    Most importantly to me, Michael is a coach who can laugh with me as I navigate the inner twists and roadblocks on the road to becoming the next best version of myself. There is a lot of productive laughter during our sessions.


    Musician, Producer, & Graphic Artist

    The framework in which I approach most everything in my life, across all venues, has shifted since working with Michael. I sorta feel like if everyone I cared for was getting the kind of support that I've received through coaching with Michael that we'd all be a few steps closer to realizing a brighter and more conscientious world.


    If the answers were inside of me the entire time, working with Michael has helped me to identify and understand those answers.


    I'm grateful to have found my power, to have recognized my true desires, and to feel that I've got lots of forward momentum and am really on the right path for me right now. I've no doubt of the role that my coaching with Michael has played in that.


    Sustainable Business Specialist, Executive Producer, & Entrepreneur.

    I have seen amazing growth in a number of areas of my life thanks to the supportive coaching I have received from Michael.


    The encouragement and guidance Michael provides has been integral in my journey towards making the life of my dreams into a reality.

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