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    "Success is being dedicated to improving yourself and your life each day, while ALSO being dedicated to accepting who you are and where you're at every step of the way."

  • Here's What My Clients Have To Say:

    Meet Jorah

    Writer, Performer, and Youth Worker

    My coaching work with Hero's Heart Coaching is helping me to clarify my creative goals and expose my attachments to limitation.


    Michael is kind and refreshingly straightforward. I appreciate the strategic accountability that is built into coaching, and I feel supported in creating and achieving actionable steps.


    Most importantly to me, Michael is a coach who can laugh with me as I navigate the inner twists and roadblocks on the road to becoming the next best version of myself. There is a lot of productive laughter during our sessions.

    Meet Clint

    Youth Educator, Mentor, Adaptive Recreation Guide

    Deciding to transition from a 20-year long rewarding career as an elementary teacher was not an easy decision. My stomach and receding hairline were telling me that something had to change.


    Michael was the perfect person to help me transition into a new profession and, more importantly, a new way of relating to work.


    Michael has been an invaluable coach and resource for me. He is a keen strategist, thought provoker, and advocate. He masterfully knows when to use these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that was hard to pinpoint on my own.

    Meet Bre

    Writer, Musician, Graphic Artist & Mother


    The framework in which I approach most everything in my life, across all venues, has shifted since working with Michael. I sorta feel like if everyone I cared for was getting the kind of support that I've received through coaching with Michael that we'd all be a few steps closer to realizing a brighter and more conscientious world.


    If the answers were inside of me the entire time, working with Michael has helped me to identify and understand those answers.


    I'm grateful to have found my power, to have recognized my true desires, and to feel that I've got lots of forward momentum and am really on the right path for me right now. I've no doubt of the role that my coaching with Michael has played in that.

    Meet Brent

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mother

    I started working with Michael almost 2 years ago with little knowledge about the world of coaching... Michael taught me to adjust mindsets and modify patterns that were undermining my previous attempts to achieve what I want in my life.

    Michael helped me stay accountable and committed to my goals, even when life became more complicated due to a difficult pregnancy. Without his support and guidance, it would have been easy to abandon my progress and retreat into old patterns.

    Michael helped me embrace my successes and celebrate what I am doing rather than dwell on previous "failures." I now have the skills to approach the things I want to do in my life with confidence and focus. I am forever grateful I made the decision to try something new and met such a wonderful coach and human being.

    Meet Anthony

    Sustainable Business Specialist, Executive Producer, and Entrepreneur.

    I have seen amazing growth in a number of areas of my life thanks to the supportive coaching I have received from Michael.


    The encouragement and guidance Michael provides has been integral in my journey towards making the life of my dreams into a reality.

    Meet Dylan

    Student, Writer, and Thespian

    Michael is someone with a rare gift for breaking down how we make decisions and view ourselves in life, and likewise is a rare gift to passionate people who desire to see tangible improvement in themselves.


    This helped me have confidence in a speech of which I was previously certain that I couldn't memorize in two days, and I then went on to win three awards with the speech in my regional speech and debate tournament. Small but precise adjustments in my approach helped me to achieve something I would have never thought possible in just a week!

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  • The Universe Nods

    Destiny, Vision, Growth, and Being

    You’re confident. You’re pumped. You’re ready! This is the moment you’re finally going to make it happen… Yes! And then it doesn’t. What gives? If it’s that important to you shouldn’t you go for it without fail? If you’re anything like me, you’ve had goals you’ve failed to fully dedicate...
    The framework for “success” is one that could use some defining. If we’re going to throw a word around that’s as important as this word has become in our society, the least we could do is spend some time getting to know it and get clear on what it means to us. Here's the principle I use to...
    When we boil it down, insecurity is the experience that something about us is not okay. We know the impact of this: frustration, depression, worry, hopelessness, etc. It often feels like a dirty little secret we’re ashamed to even consider as true and thus do our absolute best to avoid it or...
    January 29, 2018
    Balance is a paradox. It can be energy draining at best, destructive at worst for anyone to strive toward this ideal. A "balanced" life doesn’t exist--though we might convince ourselves at times that it does. In truth, it can be a conversation holding us back more than we realize. Balance...
    January 23, 2018
    Everything we do takes energy in one form or another. The use of this energy can mark the difference between long-lasting success and satisfaction, and an unfulfilling life laced with regrets. Time, money, and physical actions are the currency we live by. Minutes, dollars, and physical actions...
    There came a day when I awoke to the pain of being a perfectionist. Of course, my initial response was to immediately fix it. Duh, that’s what I do! Instead, I took time to sit with the pain, to let the pain be curious and explore me as it never had before. When I calmed myself enough, I saw...
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  • About Coach Michael



    I’ve always struggled with things being okay. I’ll paint the picture really clearly for you: ten years ago, I was fifty pounds overweight, massively in debt, in a marriage I didn’t want, and totally disconnected from who I was as a person. Ugh! Totally not okay.


    Fast-forward ten years…


    I’ve started my own business, am a published author, lost sixty pounds, got a master’s degree and had a much-needed divorce. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of coaching hundreds of people on six continents, counseled thousands, and spent countless hours in the learner’s seat getting support myself from other experts.


    After a decade of discovery from the perspective of both supporter and sufferer, the nagging sense that I NEEDED to learn more, experience more, and be more in order to achieve satisfaction in my life, finally ebbed. And it’s because it was kind of true! I was actually called to create, experience, learn, and show up to life from a place of greater purpose and passion. I simply hadn’t been listening to my voice of wisdom.


    Here’s what that voice of wisdom says success is now: being dedicated to improving your self and your life every day, while also being dedicated to accepting who you are and where you’re at each step of the journey.


    Now, I’ve put all the failures, speedbumps, pitfalls, and scattered wins it took to learn that lesson into helping others. You, me, and everyone we know, can show up to what we love (as the person we love) without needing to beat ourselves up to get there. Even when life is really challenging, you could navigate the darkest days and stormiest spells knowing that it’ll be okay.


    And that’s exactly my aim as a coach.


    That you see you’re okay, even when you feel like you aren’t.


    That you take action on what you’re called to, even when it scares you.


    That you live as the person you truly are, even when worry and self-doubt make it difficult.


    Because on the other side, it’ll truly be okay, and you’ll be better for it.


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