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Energy in Action

by Michael Michel

Everything we do takes energy in one form or another. The use of this energy can mark the difference between long-lasting success and satisfaction, and an unfulfilling life laced with regrets.

Time, money, and physical actions are the currency we live by. Minutes, dollars, and physical actions simply demonstrate our values and act as markers for what is meaningful to us.

When we funnel these energetic markers into a job, person, activity, etc., that lies outside our system of values, we create something called incoherence. Out of that, one might experience frustration, resignation, confusion, and a bevy of other emotions which ultimately have--to varying degrees--the potential to inform our belief system about ourselves, other people, and life at large.

Ideally, our energetic resources should be directed where our heart and soul dictates. This means we must align our values with our resources in order to live the life we desire.

The words we use follow the same “Markers” principle.

Whether it is our internal or external dialog, our use of silence, the familiarity of certain commentary, or our quality of tone, our success in navigating destiny’s turbulent straits depends seminally on the conversations we engage with.

We see the world through the lens of our words. Our world IS our words.

When a client gets on the phone and tells me, "Ugh! I'm struggling with starting my business. I'm not sure this is the right time right now for it. I've got so much going on with my other job and finances are tight. Besides, I'm not really an expert. I'm thinking about taking someone else's program to enhance my skill set first so people don't think I'm a fraud."

All of this is, as you might have guessed, is horsepoo. Excrement from the part of the brain designed in the era of cave people. Contribution of no kind whatsoever to the Hero's Heart this person has.

All I hear is an energetic marker for worry and self-doubt.

They're convincing themselves OUT of what they truly want, which is to start a business. Notice they don’t say no, or not interested, just, "I'll put it off until later because (fill in blank with more B.S.)." If I asked them in that moment if they should just give up on the dream, they'd either tell me, "I mean this politely dear coach, but no fucking way." Or they'd get miserable and sink a little lower, only further indication it must mean a whole lot to them--which they'd eventually see when I ask for the truth about how much they’d love to have their dream business. “A whole fucking lot,” they might declare.

We create our life and experience by such markers. With this conversation getting so much attention, this person is unlikely to have the success and meaning they’d love out of starting their business.

I call them markers because they're a product of the internal landscape we're traveling. Around each bend, you might notice where you're at given your surroundings, much like a landmark or street sign. The various markers you see on your landscape dictate where you'll head next, just as the energetic markers and resources you contribute might influence your results with a given profession, person, or project.

"What's my next horizon looking like as I say this?" You might ask yourself the next time you notice your energy shift toward the caca that will inevitably move from mind to mouth; or as you put yet more time into a job you hate; or when you continue buying donuts when you want to be healthy and save for a trip to Bhutan.

In that moment, you must ask this absolutely vital follow up question, “What would I LOVE my next horizon to look like?” It is from seeing the truth of this answer that you shift your energetic markers toward what is important and satisfying to you.

Funnel your time, money, and other energetic resources into something fulfilling, joyous, and meaningful to who you are and the contribution you long to make on this planet.

Though the fire of your life is but a brief sputtering when considered against the inconceivable stretches of cosmic time, it has the potential to light great beacons, warm countless hearts, and remain ablaze in the dark of long, cold nights, a signal of hope and inspiration for those who have but embers to their name and long to see their path illuminated once more.

You bring that fire.

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