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We Are What's Needed

The capital riot should be thought of for what it is: another battle Americans lost in the Cyber War.

And that's really how I would hope both sides frame it.

That's certainly how countries like Russia and China see it. For them, it was a major win.

Another step on the staircase toward the throne.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to pour dish soap down the slide and prep the hose for a fast but exciting descent to the bottom...

Every word of condemnation we direct toward the "other side" puts a knife between the shoulder blades of a fellow citizen-soldier. Every meme we share extolling the apparent "defeat" of the other side is only us gloating about our own demise. Every childish act of ‘gotcha’ or ‘fuck you’ is a coup against a unified front.

We push the pendulum the away thinking we've won while foolishly standing in the path of its eventual return swing.

Our words have power. We toss memes and tweets around like lit cigarette in a dry forest. Now more than ever, it is apparent that if they catch, the momentum can be both illuminating and destructive.

Make no mistake, hypocrisy, hatred, and righteousness are the best weapons America's enemies can wield. They stand at the shore casting lines and relaxing, waiting for us to bite. The problem is, a hook needs a willing mouth. When we give WHO WE TRULY ARE away to the lowest expressions of fear, we've already lost, both individually and collectively.

To win, we have to push pause. We have to breathe.

We have to look at where we stood yesterday in order to welcome others into the space of understanding we occupy today.

Yes, often times that means being the one who has to drop their ego, but when you’re holding onto it so tightly, you can’t lend a helping hand to others.

None of this is easy. We’re led to believe anyone who disagrees, or differs in skin tone or belief is a traitor of some kind. That’s confusing and difficult; like looking at a chessboard mid-game where the pieces on both sides are rainbow-colored.

But the moment you see someone as the enemy, both of you have become casualties in the Cyber War. That can’t happen...

And luckily it doesn’t have to. We don’t have to remain casualties. Unlike other types of wars, there's a way back to the frontlines where we can make a difference.

Take a moment to understand. Take a moment to let ego fall away. Take a moment to hold your perspective while also holding another person’s. Take a moment to ask questions.

Take a moment to see a new picture without borders--one that's bigger than all of our past acts of injustice and spite-fueled commentary.

Take a moment to give up the hurt so we can all heal together and unify under what’s best for Americans. We have that opportunity right now and in the days ahead.

If you believe it, you can act on it.

We All need you. We all need each other.

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